Become a friend of your imagination.

Become a friend of your imagination.

Some biology lesson today. Your brain is divided into two major parts. Left and right. I am sure you know that. You know as well, that left part maintain everything that is, logical, measurable, explainable. The right part takes care of the things that are supernatural, sensual, not limited by definitions.

In our world, though, society is putting huge pressure on the things that request use only of your left part of the brain. Neglecting everything that can not be explained, calculate or defined this way or another. Even more, people who are interested in the mysticality and supernatural things are mocked, scoffed, ridicule.

Society does not understand that we got two parts of the brain for a reason. That both parts complete each other, creating one powerful tool to be used. That one part of the brain can not operate without the other, no matter how hard they will deny that.

Our universe contains both types of things. Ones that, can be explained and measured, and ones that can not. That does not mean, those mystical things, does not exist or disappear, because no one can measure or define them. They are there, and to grasp the idea of them you need to be in balance with your brain parts.

To help you with this here is a little exercise. Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful place. Go to that place in your imagination, look at every detail of it. Smell the scents that are in it. Do something that would be impossible in the outside world, let say catch the cloud and eat it as if it was ice cream.

Meet your favourite animals and people. Talk with them. Share your concerns, thought, feelings. Listen to what they say in this topic. Finally, find a spot where you can sit and relax. Think about what you learn. Breath and fill yourself with inner peace.

The best part of that exercise is that you can do it everywhere, cause you have, your imagination all the time with you. You can use it anytime. Just allow yourself to do it. Allow yourself and know this. You are innocent, safe and okay when you do this.

Moreover, this practice will help you to solve any blockage your logical part of the brain might struggle. It will open and show you new possibilities and innovative solutions. Join the power of both parts of your brain and become supernatural being.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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