Believe in You.

Believe in You.

How easily do you make decisions? How much do you listen to yourself when you come up with some solutions? When you come to the crossroads, do you allow others, to choose for you? Are you always going around looking for some guidance? It is good, to some point.

The thing is that usually what people do, is that they already make up their minds. Make a choice. But then, instead of listening to their intuition, they are searching for a middle man, who will approve their choice.

If that’s your issue as well, just think. How someone can know better, what can be good for you. Unless you are not a little baby, You are the one who knows you best. You are the one who knows what you like and what makes you happy.

So why you are giving power over yourself to someone who isn’t you? Who might not know you, for sure not so good as you? Who, in the worst-case scenario, might not care about your goodness, as much as you do?

In our times there are so many gurus, teachers, tutors and others. They are very intelligent, smart and wise people. Unfortunately, most of them, usually, forget to tell their listeners, that the greatest power is already in them.

You know yourself. You are the expert of yourself. You have the power inside you. To make a decision. To create your destiny, your future, and your life. Just believe in yourself.

You do not need anyone to tell you how you should live your life to be happy. Stop searching for middle-man approval of your choices. Trust your intuition. Follow your heart. Live your life. Enjoying every moment of it.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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