Bless and be blessed

Bless and be blessed

I remember years back when my granny lives, she usually blessed everyone who has come to visit her or help her or whom she just met. It was her way of life. Years later I’ve noticed that this was very common behaviour of people born in the ’50s or earlier.

I have noticed one more thing as well. Those people, even if they did not have much money or other goods. They were happy. They were less stressed. They were blessed. They were grateful for everything they have and they get.

This makes me think about the connection between, what my granny and other people from her age group, were saying and this how they feel and the kind of life they have.

I am not negating being rich and having nice cars, houses and other things. What I want to say is, that there is a lot of people who have all that but still, they are sad, stressed, unhappy.

In my opinion, the reason for that lies in this that those people don’t really feel grateful for what they have. They do not share their blessing. And I am not saying about giving money or things to charity and other institutions.

I am just saying that we, even when we work to became richer, we should be grateful for those things we already possess. And secondly, we should Start blessing everyone and everything around. This, way we send signals to the universe that you are blessed as well.


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