Boost a positive attitude.

Boost a positive attitude.

What is your tendency in life? Are you often see and focus on the negative aspects of it? Do you see just the defects of the situations or you see the whole image? Or maybe you see the whole image but you purposely omit or lower, the goodness?

Doing this way, you are harming yourself. How? Well, for once focusing only on the negative bits, you are not making yourself any better. Your mood level will go from good to awful or even depressing. Moreover, this way you are sending a message to the universe, I am feeling bad, bring me more of this so I can feel even worst.

I hope that this is not what you actually want or desire. So what can you do? In my whole blog, you can find a lot of posts about that matter. I am inviting you to look at some topics. Such as: 

Just to mention a few titles.

Dwelling on the negative side of situations is our learned, by life experiences and the environment we grow up, attitude. But it does not have to be like that. From you depends if you still will continue to focus on these aspects. Or you take and thoughtful action and start to noticing and appreciating the pleasant moments.

You can do this by, look at every situation and search for something good in it. When you find it, say at loud, “Wow, this is really great”, and mean it. Helpful might be to write this down. Either using for this a notepad and pen. Or get an app, that will remind you every day, to write down what delightful happen to you.

Then, you can always go over those notes, especially when you feel low and raise your spirit. These four bits: searching for positiveness, state it at loud, writing it down and recall it from time to time, are truly helpful, with boosting your mood, and maintaining a great, and positive attitude.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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