Brain and heart, both important.

Brain and heart, both important.

Do you always believe in what is written in books or newspapers or other mediums? News and information from wise people, with many prefixes in front of their name. You know, some professor said that. Another doctor says this. Some scientist measure and checked some theory, make multiple tests, checkups, experiments, and he said this or that is true or not. Some famous reporter has checked a few facts and give his findings to the public. In encyclopedia, or more popular now, wikipedia, someone wrote something about some topic. I am, writing some of my findings and thoughts in my blog and sharing them in my videos.

This kind of examples can be multiplied endlessly. Though, is this mean they are true? That you need to do whenever someone, so-called, wise, is telling you to do? Do the prefixes, or proven years of experience, mean that you have to do what those people say? That they are absolutely right and know better how to live and what to do? Does that, that this is written in some scientific book, document or website, means that this is the only truth? That this is the only right way to follow? Maybe it is in some cases. But is it always? Surely, there are good pieces of information, great bits of advice, out there.

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Though, I want to encourage you, to stop blindly follow everything that you read or hear. Yes, read them, listen to them. But do not allow them to influence your opinion. Trust yourself. Trust your instincts, your hunches. There is more than just things you or scientists can measure and put in some diagram or smart writing. There are things, that cannot be measured. Things that are out of our understanding. Things that some scientists try to explain, but are unable to do so. Even if they make some progress in this area, like Dr Dispenza, those things still require faith and trust.

You might not believe in God, I do not want to convince you, to start to do so. Though, how many times you find yourself in a situation when something happens that you could not understand, nor explain. How many times you had a hunch about something or someone that happen to be true? How many times you avoid some danger, just because something stops you at the last moment? Your mind considerations and heart hints are both important. So, when you will face some issue or you will just have to make a decision, I am encouraging you to gather facts, consider them, all cons and pros. And then ask your heart what is his opinion about that. Your heart is always right.

Blessings upon you my friend.


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