Break that walls of fear

Break that walls of fear

We all have our fears. You might feel fear of defeat, success, lose money, get sick, die, etc. All those fears, create brick walls that prevent us from going forward with our lives, our goals, our plans. Those walls secure our comfort zone. They make you feel safe. Protected. Somehow happy. At least a little bit.

 But the question arises. Is that what you really want deep inside you? Is that actually your desire, your dream, your destiny? Ask yourself those questions.

 If your answer YES, just stop reading as there is no point to read any further.

Otherwise, let me tell you something. You say NO. This way you admit that you want to change something in your life. Very good. You can be proud of yourself as you made the first step.

Next step, is to confront your fears. You can do this in many ways. I’ll share here two I know, I and my friends are using.

First method is to just move on do something you planned without looking, thinking, debating about, whatever your fear is. This way you put energy in motion. You break your fears. Expand your comfort zone. You move forward.

The second method is actually the same as the first one. With that difference, that before you actually start doing, moving forward, out of your comfort zone, you take a piece of paper and pen. Now on this paper, you start writing all the things you are afraid of. All the things that might go wrong.

Don’t think at this moment about being correct, writing properly, spellings and grammar. Just write down all the thoughts about fears, concerns and doubts. Whatever is in your head, put it on the paper.

When you finish burn this paper. Burn it and think that you are realising those feelings. You are freeing yourself from them. You are grateful that you are free now. And really feel that. 

Now you are ready to proceed with the first method. Start doing. Go out and reach your better life. 


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