Building new habits.

Building new habits.

How many habits do you have? How many of them, you are not proud of? How many of them, would you love to remove from your list of habits? Maybe just one? Maybe a few of them? Or maybe, all of them? Thing is that throughout your life, you learn and adapt many habits. Some of them, you assimilate purposely, some not. You have learned a habit, just because you were in a specific company, environment, where it was just a normal thing. So you start to behave alike, to not stand out too much.

This is the way, all actions, reactions became a habit. When you do something over and over again. At some point, if you do not perform the thing, you have a feeling that you missed something. That your daily routine is incomplete. And this is why you might not be able to remove your, let say annoying you, habits from your inventory. As removing it, you create a void in your routine. And this void requests your attention. Life and the universe do not like empty spaces.

So how can you remove the unwanted habits? The short answer is – you can not. But do not worry. You can not remove it, though you can replace it. In other words, when there is something that you do not like in your behaviours, find something that you would like to add. Something that you would like to do daily. And then, just simply start doing this instead of the previous thing. It might be a bit awkward, in the beginning, when you stop acting like usual and instead, you do something different. Though, I do believe, that you can do it, and you can replace the old, bad habit, with a new, good one.

The whole process will take some time. There are different theories about how long it takes. Some say that you need to be consistent for twenty-one days. Others say that it takes twenty-eight days. I have even heard, somewhere, that you need to perform the new, replacing habit, for a year, to actual imprinted it in you. No matter the time, though. It is something that you like to have on your habit list, right? So, instead of counting the days, or the strikes of you following your new habit, just focus on giving all you have to do it. If you miss a day, do not punish yourself for that, do not be angry with yourself, just try again on the next day. This way, you create a new habit, without even realising when it happens.

Blessings upon you, my friend.


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