Can everything be possible?

Can everything be possible?

Hello, Tribers. Wouldn’t be that great if all your dreams will come true? Would be amazing to achieve everything you plan? Everything you imagine? Everything you dream about? Would you like that? What if really everything would be possible? Can that be true? Read the rest of this material to learn more.

Can your dreams become real?

In our world, you’ve might seeing so many people failing in achieving their goals. So many people doubting and saying that some things are impossible. So you’ve might start to doubt yourself. This is completely understandable. I doubted myself and my dreams many times during my life. Still, I have such moments when some, yet unfulfilled dream, just reminded me about itself. However, I learned at such moments to not let that doubt take better of me. To not let it destroy my belief in this dream of mine to become reality.

So if you find yourself doubting, I understand you completely. Though, do you want to lose your faith entirely? Do you want to live your life in a mediocracy? Is that what you want from your life? Is that what you desire for yourself? Is that what makes you happy? What, actually, makes you want to get up from your bed every morning? Is there anything in particular, that makes you want to get up and start your day? Or, you get yourself caught in the rat race?

I know that having a dream, especially a big one, might be terrifying sometimes. And there are many people around you, that will surely tell you, that you can not achieve that thing. That this is impossible. That yeah, sure, it is good but not for you. Although, ask yourself a one, very, very important question? Why not? What makes you less deserving than other people? You are different from them, ok. But who said, that this means you are less worth it? .

Why you might want to believe in your dreams?

Would you like to lose your faith? Just because you’ve got startled by your dream. Even worst, just because someone tells you it is impossible? I would like to quote one of the sayings by Arnold Schwarzenegger, that I really like. “When people were telling me – it’s impossible. I’ve heard – it’s possible”. Could you do this yourself? Could you change, every doubtful comment, from the outside world to a positive one? To one, that actually will give you that boost to follow your dream?

Or rather, you prefer to just give up on it. Give up on your dream. On your life. On the life that you deserve. On the life that you dream of. On the life that is in reach of your hand, if you believe and continue your journey to it. You can say, yes but… and list here any one of hundreds if not thousands of excuses. All of them are valid this way or another. All of them are valid if, you will believe in them. I get it. I understand that. All those excuses are coming from your fear of new, of success, of satisfaction.

Wait, what? This is ridiculous. How can I be afraid of success or satisfaction? Agree for fear of new, but the rest? Is that what you thought at this moment when I told you about the reasons for your excuses? I know how it sounds. I agree with you on this matter. I was thinking the same way, not long ago. However, if you will think about it. But I mean really think using both, your mind and your heart. Even better if you will think on paper. Writing questions to yourself and answering them honestly. I assure you, you will agree with that. As it is not just me, who come to this conclusion.

How can you attain your dreams?

There are a few things that you need to do to make your dreams come true. First, as you most likely already guess is to have firm faith in yourself and your dream. Your dream can not be something blurry. You need to have a clear and precise vision of what you want, the more detailed the better. Thou, cheer up if it is still in the development stage. In means, you are still not a hundred per cent sure if, for example, you would like to have a car, but didn’t decide if you fancy a Lamborghini Huracan or a Lexus RX. This is fine. When the right time comes you will know.

Another thing you need is patience. I understand, that you, same as me and many others, would like to have your dream materialised now. In this instance. Yet again, sometimes time is needed. The reason is, so you will not lose it minutes after you attain it. You might not have all the necessary knowledge or skills to keep it. To take care of your dream correctly. Thus, be patient. Knowing that when the right time comes, it will be yours. And you will be able to enjoy it as long as you wish.

The last thing, I want to mention here, is to be consistent. To not run from one “shiny object” to another. If you plan your path to your goal. To your dream. Hold to it. No matter what others will tell you. No matter if others will laugh at you, sneer or criticise. Hold to your path. If necessary make adjustments. If you see you can improve it, do it. But other than that keep to it. Focus on it. Follow it consistently and you will arrive at your destination in no time.


Concluding, you know now that you are worth achieving your dreams and having the life you want. You know that you need to have strong faith in that and be patient and consistent on your path. In any case, you would like to know more or need some support, I would love to help you with this. Just drop me a message in the comment section.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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