Can you program your subconscious?

Can you program your subconscious?

I was just taught to do it this way. I grow up and learn from my parents and relatives. We were always doing that this way when I was a kid. Sound familiar? Does this mean that this, kind of belief, program, is set in stones in your subconscious and cannot be transformed? Let’s check this out.

What is your subconscious program?

Did you ever have that kind of afterthought, och I could do this differently, I do not understand, why did I do this? If so, you were a victim of your subconscious programs. That gets fired as a response to some circumstances or events you find yourself in. Usually, those kinds of programmes are hard to notice, until they are executed. Or I shall say, until it is too late, at least in some situations. How many times, did you get yourself in trouble, cause of that kind of automatic reaction?

That’s it. This is the explanation of what your subconscious programmes are. Those are your beliefs, that are fired automatically as a response to some circumstances and make you act according to the information that is written in them. Some of them are quite useful. Save you from many dangers. Like getting burn when you see fire or bitten when you see a wild animal. Some of them get you in trouble. Like when you start a fight just because someone hurt your feelings. Or you do nothing cause you get scared that people will talk about you.

During your childhood and early teenagehood, you learn and code those programs in your subconscious, by observing and doing things. If you were praised you learned that your act is a good thing and worth effort. When you were punished, you learned that better it is not doing this thing again. Or, in some circumstances, to not get caught, right? You have also seen and heard others, maybe your siblings, your parents, neighbours, finally in tv shows, about things that are good or bad. This kind of knowledge shaped your beliefs, create who you are. Your programmes, you now acting according to them.

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Can you do something about that?

Some, maybe you too, believe that this is the way they now have to be, for the rest of their life. That there is nothing or very little to be done. I was one of this group as well. I always said, well this is who I am. This is how I act. And it is fine to some distinct. Thou, sometimes I got mad at myself. Especially, when it gets to the point, that I would love to do something, but “because of who I am and how I was raised”, I could not. Or rather I believed I could not. Either, cause I was thinking, that this would be impossible for me. Or that if I would do this, it will be kind of like a betrayal of myself and my uprisal.

All these, faiths and beliefs, lead me to one disaster after another. Sometimes to some winnings as well. It is not that all my life I was suffering and making mistakes and so on. Though, most of the time they were unpleasant things. I was reproducing everything, I was taught in my childhood. Everything, that was set in my subconscious as a program, that now was fired automatically in some circumstances. Without me even noticing or understanding why. Did you know that? Do you experience similar things?

But there is good news. You can change your program. You can rewrite it. It will, as usual, require some work. Some repetitions but, hey do you still want to get yourself in trouble and unpleasant situations? Don’t you have enough of that? Don’t you want to finally enjoy your life? Or maybe you prefer to do nothing and agree with some saying – Hey, be satisfied with what you have. You should be happy having what you have. You should be happy that it wasn’t worse. Which option do you prefer?

How can you reprogram yourself?

Find why you do something, what triggers your program. What is happening just before you, for example, get mad? Or feel an irresistible need for some junk food. This knowledge gives you power and awareness of when you are setting yourself on autopilot and running the program automatically. Because of this, you can now observe your surroundings and either avoid those triggering situations or consciously chose a different response to them.

Another way to overwrite your programs is to plan, how would you respond to the presented situation. How would you behave in a given circumstance? What would you do? What would you say? Do this as a roleplay kind of thing. See yourself in this kind of situation. Visualise it with as many details as possible. What you are wearing. What you can smell. What can you feel? What you hear. How are you feel? What is happening and how you react. Play these scenarios, over and over in your head, to make them sink in your subconscious.

Lastly, I can’t not mention affirmations, right? I know that some might say that those do not work. I will not argue with that. Like with everything in life. Some methods work for ones, where, for others, work something different. However, what I use to say, keep an open mind and just give it a go. Put in this as many feelings, as much effort, you can invoke. And try it for some time. Not like just one day. I usually try something for a minimum of 21 days. As I found that this is the bare minimum of time after which I know if something works, kind of works or not at all.

But, feel free to experiment with those and other techniques and time periods. If you find something interesting or maybe you already have something that works, please share it in the comment. I am sure that others, same as me will be grateful for this.


So, now you know, that a lot of the time, you react to your life, using programs from your subconscious, created in your early years of life. You learn also, that it does not have to be this way and you can overwrite these programs. We discover also a few methods that can be used for this purpose.

In any case, you would like to know more or need some support, I would love to help you with this. Just drop me a message on the links provided below.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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