Change the world.

Change the world.

There is a lot of talking about changing the world. Improving it. Make it better. But do you actually thought, what that means? How you can have an impact and change the world?

Most of society, state, that is sufficient to give some money or things for a charity. Show up in some institutions like church or foundation or other organisation.

What do you think? Is this all? Is that everything you can do? Is that really enough? Or maybe you think that to change the world, you have to change people, their life and reality? And so, you fight with things you do not have the power to control.

I want to tell you a secret. Everything starts in you. In your mind. In your heart and soul. There is the source of all events and emotions. And you have full control over that. Everything depends on your subconscious beliefs. So if you want to change the world you need to work on your inside.

Treat this as a little experiment. Imagine you are a painter. And you want to paint your house in bright, cheerful colours. You are going to a storeroom and choose all the lively, sunny, shining paints.

And then you spot a dark, black paint in the corner. You put it there cause you’ve liked to insult and curse the world, others and yourself. But now, you do not need it anymore. So you take it and put it into the bin.

The same you can do with your thoughts. Observe them, filter them. Swap all mistaking and negative thoughts, with positive, constructive ones. Instead of thinking – Everything has no sens. Think – Everything has some sens. You might not see and understand it yet, but this is the truth.

And so, the world looks better from the clean, brightly painted house. And likewise, when you clean your thoughts, you will look at the world and life as a great place to be, and live an amazing adventure.


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