Changes, common mistakes

Changes, common mistakes

Quite often happen that you are making the decision to make some change in your life. To have a healthier, better life. And this is completely fine. What s not fine is the way you approach that resolve.

You might have a tendency to make the decision and then start the change process very harshly, brutally. To see the difference straight away. Let say you decide that you want to take care of your health. And so you start.

The most common mistake of most people is that they usually start hard. They go to the gym and do a hard workout giving everything they have. Or they start running straight away trying to run fast and do long-distance.

You probably know what I want to say now. That’s right. You probably will get discouraged after your first session. You might do a few more sessions but most likely you will quit and go back to your old habits.

Yes, it is good to start. But you need to start easy and gradually increase the difficulty level. Especially if you new to that or you have a long break since you do some exercising.

This is a good approach to any change you decide to introduce in your life. Do not force yourself to start at full throttle. Introduce small changes. Make them your new habits. And then constantly increase the level. To be just a bit above your comfort zone. Just a tiny bit. And observe how your life change.


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