Changes – your nightmare or exciting opportunities?

Changes – your nightmare or exciting opportunities?

In your surroundings, everything changes. Winter becomes spring, then summer and later autumn. Flowers bloom, trees getting their leaves back. Leaves fall. Snow falls. You change your wardrobe, car, job. Something that was hard for you or annoying, become a past. Everything in the world change. This is the way life functioning. So why are you so afraid of changes? Why, every change, is so frightening? What is the reason for you to feel this way about them?

Well, there might be, and surely, there is, many different answers to that. Usually, though, no matter what the reason might look like, the fear is upon you, as you most likely expect the worst outcome, from changes. You might think, that you will not be able to handle whatever the change brings. That you fail and disappear, and no one actually will notice that. That the change will cost you a lot of your time and money. That it might force you, to do something, that you do not agree within your heart. We can list here many more reasons. And I am sure you have already in your head a few more. But that is not the point. Point is, how to deal with those fears.

You might deal with those doubts in many ways. I want to share the best, I found for myself, though it might not be the case with you, so you might want to look for something different. I am always, in front of the upcoming change, taking a piece of paper, and writing down, what that change is about. What would be the worst-case scenario of it? What can be other outcomes? What outcome would be the best one, in my opinion? Can I do something, to help the change to bring me the desired outcome? What can I do? When am I planning to do it? And then when I named the fears and outcomes. I worked out the possible steps for me to take and decide when I’ll make them, the fear disappears.

This might work for you as well. Just try it. If not look up for other solution on the internet or have a chat with someone you trust. Remember though. Changes are good. Changes bring you new opportunities, new experiences. If in the world would be no changes, everything would be still. There would be no progress at all. And stagnation is not really good. Look at the river stream and a pond. River in its natural state is changing, moving all the time. And because of that, it is clear. A pond is still, stagnant and usually, because of that, dirty, unless someone from the outside will clear it out. In dirty water appears germs, bacteria and it starts to stink.

As you see, changes are good. Changes bring you new inspiring opportunities. New exciting experiences. You learn from them. They push you forward. They show up when are most needed. So trust, that those changes are good for you. And that whoever sends you these changes, God, Universe or Higher Instance. It knows that you are more than able to handle it. That this is challenging for you, just a bit, to push you forward, to your greatness. So look forth to changes. Trust that it will bring you only good things. Be elastic, draw conclusions, make new decisions and enjoy your new life.

Blessings upon you, my friend.


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