Choices in your life.

Choices in your life.

In life, no matter if you are aware of that or not, you are making decisions all the time. From little things such as: What clothes you will put on. Will you drink latte or americano or maybe a tea. Will you eat a burger or a salad. To the big ones, sometimes life-changing, like: are you going to be a doctor? Or a lawyer? Or maybe a programmer? Will you take a mortgage and live in a house in some part of the world? Or you are going to buy a campervan and travel the world? Are you gonna be single or will you marry someone? You are choosing all the time. Nearly every second of your life. So, why, sometimes, there is a little fear attached to the decision making? Where it comes from?

Well, most likely you were hearing some comments about a decision being a bad one. Maybe this comment was addressing your choices. Maybe someones else. But you did hear them, right? Or seen them in some tv show or movie. You memorise that fact. That some decisions may lead to drastic consequences. Or that you might have to choose a lesser evil. The literature, movies and other media love to use this proverb and point this out to the public. But, did you ever wonder, if that is really the truth? Can’t you really make the right choices? Do all your choices are doomed to be either good, bad or lesser evil?

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What if you will take a different approach to this? What if you will decide that you are going to make choices and looking forward to its outcome? That, you are going to make choices base on the available to you, at this moment, information. What if you will decide that all your choices are good? That all will lead you to the new wonderful places and experiences. That, no matter what will be your choice, it is important for you. It will give you priceless experience and knowledge. What if, you will start to look forward, to the situations, that will give you the opportunities? Opportunities from which you can pick whatever you like, excited by the new adventure lying in front of you. Excited that you will gather new wisdom, learn a new skill, encounter new great people, see amazing places.

Is that vision not more appealing to you? And it is a matter of you making a simple decision, to shift your perception of choices. Of course, do not be reckless and blindly run toward anything choosing by ignorant guess. Check your options. Gather all possible information about your options. Consider that all. Consult this with your mind and heart. Use your knowledge and intuition. And then just choose what in your opinion is the option you want to follow. Look forward to the results it will bring you. Look forward to the experiences and knowledge it offers. And have a deep and unshakeable believe, that no matter what is your choice, it is a good one.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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