Come on, be funny and have fun.

Come on, be funny and have fun.

How much do you like to laugh? Actually. How much do you laugh? Can you laugh watching a comedy show? What about laughing at yourself? Can you? Is that good? To be able to laugh at yourself? At your mistakes? Can this be taught? Why and how? Read to find out more.

What is good about laughing?

You might hear saying that laugh means health. It is usually associated with good feelings. With feeling happiness, joy. Being free of stress. Being in love. As you see it is correlated with positive feelings. There are also situations when we laugh seeing something funny. Watching some comedy show or funny situation in life. Most people feel ok to laugh being an observer of that kind of situation. Not really being able to laugh when something “funny” happen to them.

There were done many kinds of research and experiments, stating that, laughing has a very good impact on our health, both physical and mental. That the best way to start to feel good is to start smiling, or even better laughing. This way your body starts to produce hormones that make us feel good. And this is the first step to actually start to heal. A while ago, I have read about a man who cures himself of cancer, by adding a laugh to his treatment.

Laugh is really powerful. You can not be mad, angry, feel bad and laugh at the same time. Ok, you can but it will be a fake laugh. Recognised by others straight away. Though to feel the full power of laugh it is necessary to learn not only to laugh at outside events. Important is to be able to laugh at yourself as well. At your mistakes and setbacks. I would say that this is even more important than being able to laugh at anything else.

Then, why is so hard to laugh at yourself?

I know that this can be a little troublesome at the beginning. Especially, if you, like me and many others, were raised in a house where you had set some kind of standards of how you need to behave, talk and look. And each of your slips was, well not punished, but pointed out. Or you’ve seen disappointment when you could not meet those standards made by your guardians.

Another thing, how do you feel every time someone is pointing at you or laughing at you? What is that you start to think? Is it something like, I am not accepted? I am excluded? I am odd, different? I do not belong? Those thoughts and emotions associated with them are quite frequent. You, as we all, want to belong to a group. You want to be accepted. And if you are not, if you do not feel accepted, it makes you feel bad, worthless, right? And the situation, when someone points out some mistake you have made, is not helping with that.

Let say, in the morning, you were so sleepy or in a hurry, so you did not clean your face from shaving cream properly. Or if you are a woman, you might put your makeup slightly awkward. And without noticing this, you are going out, ready to start your day. Then someone sees this and just start pointing at you and laughing. It might be an unpleasant experience. It might be something that destroys your good mood for this day. But does it have to be that way? Can it be just a funny episode like the ones you can see in the shows?

How can you laugh at yourself?

How many times have you seen these kinds of funny moments in the movies? This or any other situation created to make you laugh. Many movies have a kind of scene in which one of the characters make fun of itself. Purposely or by accident. I can guess what you are thinking now. Yes, but this is just in a movie. It happens to someone else. Not to me. And you’re right. Yet, those scenes are possible to happen to everyone. Some are based on real-life events.

Now, if it happens, that this kind of situation will occur in your life. That you will be the main actor of some silly, funny situation. You will have at least two choices. You might either get angry at yourself, that you were heedless and did not notice this yourself before exposing your mistake to the world. You can also just start to laugh with that person, focusing yourself on the funny side of that event. What do you think, which of those reactions would serve you better?

However, I would like you to ask yourself a question. Do you still want to live this way? Do you still need to live this way? What this is giving you? I am not suggesting you, to drop your standards. I want you to think, if you can make new ones for yourself, so your life would be happier and less stressed? Would you like to have a life that will make you smile and enjoy it, rather than struggle? So, why not start laughing at your clumsiness? Why not treat yourself at this moment with kindness and distance? Why just not smile and say well it happens, so what? I am still a worthy and amazing person.


We talk here about the goodness of laugh. About the importance of laughing and of being able to laugh at own flaws and mishaps.
In any case, you would like to know more or need some support, I would love to help you with this. Just drop me a message in the comment section.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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