Compare yourself.

Compare yourself.

How are you comparing yourself with others? Do you do this? When you see someone less fortunate than you, are you thinking how lucky you are? What about, when you see someone better than you? Preattier, smarter, richer. What you are thinking in such a situation? How are you think and feel about that comparison? How are you feeling, when someone is comparing you with others? Your status, your efforts, the work you have done or anything else? It is true, that people do love to compare everything. We do this all the time without even thinking about this. It is so “natural” to compare. It is coded in our subconsciousness. You might do this as well. Though is that a good thing for you? Does this give you or anyone else, any rewards?

Surely in some cases, you might feel better. When there is an example, you were trying to follow and happen that you exceeded it. It feels good, right? To see that you can do better, than the given model. But, what about the situation, when you could not meet the expectations? When, no matter how hard you tried, you could not get close, to the given model. Comparing yourself, in this case, most likely will lead you to feel low. So, why are you doing this? Why are you comparing yourself at all? Yes, as I stated earlier, this is something we people are doing since the beginning of humankind. I was trying, to figure out the reasons for that, though I could not find any satisfying answer. It looks like, we just have that imprinted in us.

Anyway, as I always say – if you can not stop doing something, find a way of doing it, that brings you some benefits. So, now, how you can compare yourself, to actually turn this into a positive? Without harming anyone feelings. Without lowering down your mood. Without making others feel worst than you. Or making you, feel worst than others. Usually, when you compare yourself with anyone else, it is because you do not feel safe. You have low self-esteem and, either you try to boost it, by comparing it to less fortunate people. Or, you are trying to prove yourself, how bad you are, undermining it even more, by comparing with people, that can do or are better than you at something.

When your self-esteem is at a healthy level, you feel less and less urge to compare. You just know your value and understand the fundamental rule. That you are good enough, at what you are doing. And that, there are things, you do not have to know nor be good at, as those things are not of your interest. This approach is a healthy and positive one. Although, I would like to tell you to still compare yourself. Wait! What?! You just say to not doing this. Yes, that’s right. Avoid comparing yourself with others. However, compare yourself with a person you were before. To see how did you evolve. How you grow. Even better, compare yourself, with the person you want to become. And see, what and how, you can develop yourself, to this image. Remember this, you are running your own marathon. So, compete only with yourself.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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