Creative planning for the idea accomplishment.

Creative planning for the idea accomplishment.

What is your approach, when you come up with some concept? When some idea of, what you want, what you would like to do or achieve, comes to you? What are your thoughts about that? On which part of this idea you are focusing? Are you starting with listing out all the issues that can occur? All the lacks of resources, knowledge and experience? All possible things that can go wrong? All so-called, defective endings, wrong turns and other negativities. Is this what absorbs your mind in such moments? Is that what you are focusing on your thoughts and energy? Why are you doing this? What this approach gives you? Is it helpful in any way? Does it make your life experience better, more satisfying?

In case you might not know this, though, I am sure you are aware of that, either consciously or subconsciously. This kind of approach will give you just headaches. It will destroy your idea in the bud. Your brain is very good at finding all the reasons why something can not be made, can not be achieved. Or should not be even tried. In telling you all the things you are missing for your idea. All the resources you do not have. All the knowledge and experience you absent. It is doing this to protect you. Your mind, you, at the subconscious level, think that if you will follow this idea you will die. And you do not want to die, right? So, you try to undermine this idea, before it gets stronger and rooted in your heart.

This is your defence mechanism, to protect your life, to keep you safe and sound. However, this mechanism keeps you in one place. It is blocking you from achieving your full potential. From experiencing new things in life. From expanding, growing and becoming a better person. If you will stick to this way, well, sure you will be safe. You will avoid some difficulties and unpleasantries. At the same time, you will miss many positive, happy and delightful things and experiences. Nothing will change in your life, nothing will improve. You will live your life in a safe but, most likely, dull, ordinary and unhappy way. Is this what you want from your life? Just safeness? Without joy, excitement and other positive experiences.

If you want more from your life. If you want to live your life on your terms. Enjoying it fully. Experiencing new exciting things. Following your dreams. You need to overcome your fears. Instead of focusing on the earlier mentioned points, teach yourself to shift your focus. Yes, be aware, that you might miss some knowledge or resources. However, focus your thoughts, your energy on things you already have. On making decisions that will contribute to your success. On creative research for answers. How can I get these resources? Where can I find this knowledge? Who can help me, with my idea? With whom I can talk about it? Who would support me with this? Always, have your goal in front of you. Remember why you want it and how important it is for you to achieve it. And have faith that, you are worthy and more than able to overcome all barriers and obstacles. That you can achieve your goal.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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