Cultivate peace, wealth, abundance.

Cultivate peace, wealth, abundance.

Did you hear about organisations or moves against war, hunger, poverty? I’m sure you did hear about them and maybe many others. The thing is, that we, human, for some reason, love to fight and lead wars against things we do not want. We do not understand, that no matter, how noble the cause might be, it is still a fight against something. Which, actually, brings us more of this thing in our life. Ever wonder why this happens? Why instead of eliminating hunger, poor living conditions and so on, those organisations just reduce them a little bit. Yes, those organisations have some impact and results. Yet, not really satisfactory. Even, if they do some good, it is just a drop in the ocean. Why is that? Why does that happen?

Of course, that their motives are good and pure. They, like most of humanity, want to improve life. Create a better, cleaner, more friendly to all of the people, world. And this is a very noble intention. Yet, the approach requires some adjustments. As was said, all the moves and groups against something, even if can share their results and solved cases, in fairness, create more and more of the thing, they are against. It is not intended. As I said, they have excellent intentions. Though, as most of us, those people do not really understand. Or maybe, they are not aware of how works the law of attraction. Wait, wait – you might say – what law of attraction has in common with any of this?

Well, a lot. It is one of the most important and working all the time, laws in the universe. You might not know it, not believe in it, not be aware of it. And yet, it works all the time. Same as many other laws defined by scientists throughout the years. The thing is, that you are using this law all the time, even if you are not aware of that. By thinking about things you do not want or you do want, you attract them into your life. Of course, it is not like magic, so if you think – I want to have a mansion or Lamborghini – it will not magically appear, from nowhere, in front of you, in this instance. The law has its rules and you need to know them, to be able to use, that law, in your favour.

In general, this law says, where is your focus, there is your energy. You bring, into your life, things you are concentrating on. No matter if you focus on things you want or you do not want. The law does not recognise the denying words, like “don’t” and “no”. It just understands that you concentrate on this thing, so it is important for you. As result, it brings you more of that thing in your life. So, if you concentrate your thoughts, emotions on a fight against something, the law simply see that as important for you, as something, you can not live without. As result, it brings you more of this, to make you “happy”. To make you have the thing, that is important for you.

But, I am trying to reduce all that, wars, poverty, famine and so on. Yes, but again, you focus on those things. So, the law simply recognises them as important for you. And to not let you down, bring more of them into your life. It is just that simple. You need to change the thing you are focusing on, to bring more of it into your life. You want to eliminate wars? Think about peace in the world. You want to reduce famine? Focus your thoughts and actions on the abundance of food for everyone. You want to decrease poverty? Concentrate on wealth that is shared by all humankind. Remember this rule, by simple, shifting your focus, to things you do want, you do desire, either for yourself or for the world, you make the law of attraction to create and bring them to you.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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