Deal with annoying thoughts.

Deal with annoying thoughts.

How many times are you attacked? By what? By your stressed, full of fear thoughts? You might feel, sometimes as they are attacking you like the gang of mosquitos. Intrusively, those thoughts, try to get your attention but only to make you feel their stress, fear, anxiety. This is nothing that you would like, I think, right? So what can you do, in such moments? How can you win in this fight? Do you actually want to win and be free?

Surely you do. No one actually likes to be upset, sad or worry. The thing is to, firstly, realise that you can not fight with these thoughts and emotions. Well, you can. Though you will just waste your time and energy. You can not win this way. Those thoughts will just regroup and attacked you with greater power, again and again. The question remains. What can you do, if fighting with those thoughts is ineffective?

Those thoughts will come back every now and then, this is unfortunate but true. To effectively manage them, you better forget about fighting with them. You have a choice to allow them to get better of you, to make you feel what they bring to you. Or you can decide to keep inner peace, balance and clarity of your mind. To support yourself with that you can do some activities that will require your full attention, concentration.

Many different activities might help you with that, as an example, You might want to try some yoga or meditation or callisthenics. It might be a walk in the forest or making a 3D model with quilling/origami or maybe something simple like washing dishes. Just pick something that is appealing to you, that helps you change your focus from those thoughts. Something that will shift your focus and help you to maintain balance. Something that calms you down. Something that will require you to concentrate on positive things.

Blessings upon you, my friend.


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