Dealing with decisions and regret.

Dealing with decisions and regret.

Quite often you need to make a decision in life. You do decide every day, many time a day or maybe even in an hour. From small ones like, what to eat for a breakfast, what clothes to wear, will you drive or cycle to work. To the big ones like, should you get married, have kids, travel the world, change career course? That’s life, this is the way it is constructed. You might be afraid of these choices. And that is completely normal. We all do. The biggest fear comes from choosing the wrong thing. Making the wrong decision. Fear of regretting this at a later point in life.

Because of that, of these irrational fears. When being offered by life, with some opportunities, you might find it hard to be able to decide. Sometimes even close to impossible. Especially, when both things are something you would love to do. Like travelling the world and becoming and working as a doctor. Sometimes, you may not see, that you do not have to choose. You might be able to combine the two options. Like in the example above, you might be a doctor, who travels to regions of the world, where there is a demand for health care. I know, that this is not always possible. But look at your options and think, can I join the two somehow? Can I combine them? Sometimes it is possible. You might find the way.

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However, not always. So, what you can do, in the situation, that you can not find the solution? You might talk to someone you trust. Explain your options, feelings about them and what you would love to do. Seek advice, but choose for yourself, in harmony with your heart. If you still can not find the connection and have to choose, look at both options. Consider them a few times. Though, do not let them consume you. List all your personal values and chose the thing, that is closely aligned with them. Seize the opportunities and look forward to new experiences. Those are yours. And no one can take them from you. Enjoy them. Nourish them. Learn from them.

Remember, to be always true to yourself. Live the life you choose for yourself, not chosen by others. Make the decision yours. Use your feelings and emotions. When comes to deciding, ask yourself, how I would feel if I do this? How I would feel if I do not? Your emotions are great advisors. They will straight away tell you, what is, that you really want to do. I understand, that you’ve might be taught, that emotions are bad to listen to. That, the worst decisions come, from listening to the emotions and doing accordingly to what you feel. It is true if you listen to the negative ones. For example, if you choose some path, just to do the opposite, of what you were told. Out of spite. Listen to your positive emotions, if you feel good about some decision, chances are, that you will never regret it.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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