Decision matrix.

Decision matrix.

Our life tasks can be, and by some smart heads are, divided into four quadrants. Most likely, you already heard about them. You might even use this to make yourself more efficient. For those of you, who do not know anything about this, here is a short explanation, of what are those quadrants.

There are four categories urgent, important, not urgent and not important. All of the events, from your life, can be put into two, of those four categories. As can be seen in the image above. The task might be urgent and important. Urgent but not important, Important but not urgent, or not urgent and not important.

I will not go into details, about which one of your life events will go to which category. You need to use your sense and understanding of that, and I believe you will manage to do that perfectly. I want to explain to you something else.

People, you probably as well, are focusing too much of their energy and time on the first quadrant. On the things that are urgent and important. This quadrant takes over your life. It is easy to allow those things to consume your energy and time. Those things are urgent and important, right?

This happens because events from the first quadrant bring an instant effect and consequences. As mostly those are some crises and real, big problems. Such as a hungry baby. Or broken pipe or burglar and so on.

The third quadrant of things, urgent and not important, and the fourth, not urgent and not important, often takes too much of your time as well. Especially, the fourth one. Things that you want to make for yourself, your enjoyment and relaxation. Of course, those are necessary, in your life, things. You just need to have a proper balance between them.

I want, though, to make you understand, that really you need to focus yourself, your time and your energy on the things from the second quadrant. Things, that are important, but not urgent. Those are the ones that will bring you closer to your desires. Those make it easier for you to achieve your goals. Shouldn’t that be your main focus?

Be positive. Be blessed. Peace out.


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