Define your new self.

Define your new self.

You are who you think you are. You define yourself by repeatedly saying things about yourself, like. I’m a smoker. I’m fat. I am working hard, but I can’t get the results I want.

Those kinds of sayings describe you. You say that out loud. You repeat that over and over. So don’t be surprised that this becoming your truth. Your reality.

If you would like to change that. You most likely know already what you need to do. Right?

Exactly. Stop repeating these sayings. Find new ones. Maxims, that will determine your new self. The one you really want to be. Like.

  • I am fit. 
  • I am health. 
  • I am enthusiastic. 
  • I love to train. 
  • I love myself. 
  • I am taking care of myself. 
  • And so on. 

Those new sayings will define you. But, to get them to work, you must start repeating them. Repeat them often. Preferably at loud. 

At first, you might not believe in, what you are saying. Be persistent. Repeat the new sayings. Especially when the old one will try to resurface. And it will try to show up again. In such moment just say to yourself, this was old me now I am… and use the new maxim.

It will take some time. Be patient. It will be easier, every next repetition. Observe the shift of your beliefs from old to new ones. See how you change with these new beliefs.


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