Definition of success.

Definition of success.

Are you a successful person? Do you want to be one? What means for you to be successful? What is your definition of success? Of course, we can use Wikipedia, Cambridge, Lexico or other online dictionaries to find a definition of that word?

But I want you to sit down, relax, think for a while and find your own interpretation of success? What does it mean to you? How do you imagine yourself as a person who achieves their goal? Actually, did you found your goal? Your passion? Are you following it? Are you doing the things that will get you closer to your desire?

It is a lot of questions, I know. But when you take a paper, think for a while and write down your answers, you’ll find your definition of success. One that is working for you. That is your own. It might not have any meaning for anyone else. Might be even ridiculous to others. But you should not care, as this is your definition, your success, your life. Be proud of that.

Keep the page with your description of success close to you. Read it often. Feel the energy it gives you. And do whatever is required to achieve it.


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