Desire everything. Do not need anything.

Desire everything. Do not need anything.

Hello, Tribers.
Recently I have read a sentence, that I would like to share with you and talk about today. It goes like that. Desire everything. Do not need anything. It is from the book “The secret – teachings for every day”. I’ve started to wonder about the sense of that saying. Are you curious as well? Let’s think about that together, then.

What this might mean?

Let us think about the meaning of that sentence. When you desire something, you activate your mind to think about the ways of how can you gain it, whatever it is. It is closely bound with expectation. Whenever you desire something, you also expect, that you will attain it. Sooner or later. Of course, we are talking about real things. Cause, no matter how hard you would desire to become some kind of superhero, you can not expect, to actually become the one from the movies. I know it would be cool to have superpowers, but in this matter, let’s be realistic.

Desiring something also activates the law of attraction. The whole universe starts to conspire to help you acquire your dream goal. You are attracting circumstances, events and people, into your life, that might help you on your way to your dream. You just need to be watchful to spot those occasions and use them accordingly. Remember also about a fair exchange. Do not just use some circumstances or people. Always try to give them something in return. It might be just a good word or help with something they struggle with.

But what about needing. This state creates an opposite trait to desire. It is strongly related to fear. Need, creates an urgent and usually very strong emotion. It is also created by the feeling of lack of something. So it has a quite negative load. And you cannot attract, or even create, required circumstances for you, to start to think about how can you attain, whatever is that you want. Sure, you will think about that, while, these feelings of fear and lack, will just make the whole process very difficult, if not impossible.

Why don’t need anything?

The whole needing, as we just discovered, is attached to fear and lack. Just think of a situation when, for example, you were lacking money for the next instalment or any other bill. How did you feel? Were you relaxed or stressed? Were you calm or afraid of consequences? These kinds of negative emotions, are doing a great job, of blocking you and your creativity, from finding ways how can you deal with your issue. Not really something to look forward to, isn’t it?

Now think of a situation when you were desiring something. Maybe as a kid, you wanted some cool, one of a kind toy. Remind yourself that one toy you wanted so badly. How did you feel? Was that kind of undisturbed belief, that you can and will do anything to have it? I remember that, as a kid, I had quite inventive ways, of coming up with solutions of how I can obtain something I wanted. But not like, yeah I want that, but will be ok if I don’t get it. I am talking about things I wanted a lot. I am sure you have at least a few memories yourself.

So, as you see, if you will look at something from the position of needing this thing. This will create in you a feeling of lack of that thing and fear that you might not get it. With that kind of attitude, you are blocking yourself, your creativity and the law of attraction. On the other hand, when you are approaching something from a wanting position, you are boosting yourself, your creativity, to find solutions of how can you obtain it. Moreover, you are sending attracting frequency out, kind of like submitting an order to the higher instance.

How can you then stop needing and start wanting?

But it is not enough to just want something, instead of needing it. As we just stated, this wanting feeling increases your creativity. So, you come up with ideas of what can you do. But, even though, having just a list of ideas is a great thing, do you believe will it make it happen by itself? Do not assume that the law of attraction will bring to you whatever you want, without you doing anything. Without you taking an action in the direction of your desire. This is a very important part. Want and act.

Also, whenever you will catch yourself thinking about something that you need it. This usually happens in relation to money. A lot of people is saying that they need money. It is the most needed item of our time. Of course not only. Some say they need love, health, more time and so on. Anyway, when you spot that you are thinking about something in the way that you need that thing. Just stop yourself and first think if you really, but I mean really need that thing. Would you die without it?

Would any harm happen to you without it? Most likely, the answer is no. It might not be pleasant. You might have hard times. Not feel complete joy and satisfaction. Yet, you can live without that thing. When you realise that, you are halfway to transforming your thinking. Now you can say to yourself. Ok, I don’t need that, but I would like to have it. And I want it very much to have it. So, what can I do in order to get it? Is there anything I can do toward this vision? What would be one simple step I can do today, now? Find that action and then act.


As you see from this material, there is actually quite a difference between needing and wanting. One can make your life rather difficult. The latter can switch your attitude and help you achieve your desired thing, enjoying your life even more. Now, from you depends, on what will you do with this knowledge.
I would greatly appreciate it if you will share, in the comments, what interesting and positive you found in this material. Check the links below to see more materials like this. Also, please, share this with others you might think would gain from this.

In any case, you would like to know more or need some support, I would love to help you with this. Just drop me a message.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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