Discover how great a person you are.

Discover how great a person you are.

I don’t know about you. I was usually concentrating on things that I can not do. Things that I am not good at. On my bad, ugly, dark side. I’ve had the impression that this was the most important part of me. 

Recently I realise how mistaken I was. Those dark things, of course, are in me. But they are not the biggest part of me. Not the most significant part of me.

Is this sound familiar to you? 

If so I hope the little exercise I have discovered, will help you as well in finding out how good a person you are. Aim of this practice is to show you that you are full of love, goodness and harmony. Just think about how wonderfully your body function, with the intention for your best health, strength and greatness. 

Yes, you might still have some tiny pieces in you that is messy and untidy. But there is a much more of great feelings, emotions and positive vibrations in you.

Now, the exercise I want to show you is taken from the book by Beata Pawlikowska. I Couldn’t find it if there is an English version of that book. It says to sit somewhere outside, in the sun if possible. And ask yourself 7 questions.

  1. What is my greatest virtue?
  2. What is my second one?
  3. What is my hidden talent?
  4. What is my character best attribute?
  5. What is priceless in my personality?
  6. What do I like the most?
  7. Which of my talents do I like most?

If you find that a bit hard to answer those questions. Find someone who likes you but is always honest with you and ask him those questions.

Do that exercise every few weeks. Especially if you feel low. And see how good a person you really are.


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