Disperse those dark clouds, cheer up!

Disperse those dark clouds, cheer up!

What is your approach to your life? To different situations that occur in it? Are you worry a lot? Thinking about what can go wrong within your life? How your decision, might turn out to be the faulty one? How your choice might harm you or your close ones? Or that you are not good enough. That you can not handle the task. Or that you could act differently in the past, cause now you are regretting this? Or maybe, you are worried about, what the future will bring. Particularly now, when there is so much madness in the world. Do you do this? Do you worry so much, that you forget how to be happy? Do you allow the dark clouds of negative, pessimistic thoughts to gather over your head?

Those and many other thoughts might swarm and attack you. Sometimes in the least expected moment. This is a part of life. No matter how positive and optimistic you might be. From time to time you might experience that kind of thoughts. Expect them, to come to you. If you positive and optimistic will be easier for you, to deal with them. Moreover, those thoughts will not come too often and probably they will be less intense. Nevertheless, it is nearly impossible to avoid this completely. In such moments, when one of that kind of thoughts will come to you, you might feel anxious, depressed, or even rejected by the whole world. Once you allow one thought to show up, when you focus on it, the next one will come very fast. And then the next one and another. You attract them to yourself, painting in your imagination gloomy pictures.

Do you absolutely need that? Are you certain, it is something, that is necessary, in your life? An experience of your life? Important and unavoidable. One that you can not miss. You desire this experience. You crave for it. Is that right? Is that what you think? What do you feel about it? Is it really something you need and want? No? Uff, what a relief. For a moment I thought you might really want that. That you actually like that and wish for this kind of things in your life. So, now, what is the solution to that? What you can do, when you feel heavy, stormy thoughts coming at you? Is there anything you can do? What do you think? How can you deal with those thoughts? What can be helpful in this situation?

As a mentality coach, I know that all the answers are deep in you. You have them, you know them already. You just might not be aware of them or afraid to acknowledge that. You might need someone who will ask you the right questions to get them out. Anyway, what, surrendering yourself, to these gloomy, dark thoughts is giving you? Will this fix anything? Change anything? Will makes you, avoid that thing, you are worried about? Of course you right, it is not helpful in any way. You will just waste your time and energy. So why, next time, not try a different approach? Disperse those thoughts by saying to yourself – This time, I am choosing to think positively. I am focusing my self, on realistic, rational and positive thoughts. On things, I can do today. Now. Scatter the clouds and see the sun.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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