Do it every day.

Do it every day.

You might have a habit to postpone important things to, so-called “free time”. What usually happens next? Exactly, either you forgot about that, or there was something of more importance you had to take care of.

Sometimes days or weeks pass before you remind yourself about that thing. An interesting thing is that you most likely felt annoyed or even anxious, not actually sure why was that. And the reason was that at the back of your head there was that thing. Trying to get your attention, unsuccessfully.

Now, ask yourself – does the thing taking my time, matter so much? What is of more importance to be done at this moment? What should I do first? This way, you learn to properly use your time and prioritize your tasks.

Another thing that might help you with remembering tasks is to split big tasks into smaller ones. For example, instead of spending two hours, once a week on exercising, do 20 minutes workouts but do it every day. Instead of spending once a week or two weeks on learning some new skill, split that to learn it for 15 minutes but do it daily.

That kind of approach will help you to keep up with your tasks as, for once, it is easier to spend a short amount of time daily, than hours, once at a time. Secondly, it will also help you to build healthy habits. And lastly, it is easier to memorise/learn something when you do it daily than once at a time.

Be positive. Be blessed. Peace out.


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