Do not be a judge.

Do not be a judge.

It is easy to judge others, right? To say o this person is stupid. This is mean. That one has no sense of humour. This one has no taste for aesthetic. And so on. People are quick to judge others. Are you like that too? Do you judge others? Maybe you keep your opinions for yourself, though still, you have them. Or maybe you see others errors and you are, straightaway, ready to give them advice, to improve their life. That is what we love to do. You might as well. You might think, that you know better, what is good for other people. That your way is the right one.

How can you be so sure about that? How can you know, what is good for others? How can you be certain that you are not mistaken? Oh, you know, I just know. That’s it. – You might say. Yes. I know that very well, that is easy to judge others and to have, my own, the best in the world, opinion about every topic. Does that mean, that I am absolutely right? Does that mean, that you are absolutely right? What do you think? You might not agree with me and that is OK. No hard feelings. I am not saying, that I believe I know, what is best for you or for anybody else. I have a deep belief, that you know that better than anyone else, what is good for you.

The thing is to understand one truth. Same like you know what is best for you, other people know what is best for them. We are all different and unique. So how can you know, what is best for another person? Let say you are a professional truck driver. How can you translate your experiences, worldview and reflections to for example IT person? You both have different lives, different beliefs and ways of thinking, right? So, what guarantees you can give, that if this IT person, will listen to your guides and follow your advice, it will have a better, more satisfying and happy life?

Like I said above. We are all unique. Every one of us is different. And we all need to find our own way through life. You to. No one can do this for you. You need to make your own discoveries to find your destiny, your goal. Allow others to do the same. Them, you, can make many mistakes in your life. You might be on the wrong path for long, but it is your path. No one can actually, tell for sure if your path is wrong or right. Same you might not know for sure what is the best path for other people. So let them be, let them make their mistakes. Accept that, this is their life. And when you finally understand all of that, you might achieve the greatest transformation of heart, soul and mind. Exercise yourself in this. Focus on yourself and on your life, on how you can become a better person and have a life you will love.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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