Do not let anything to affect your spirit.

Do not let anything to affect your spirit.

When something not expected or unpleasant happen to you, how you react? What do you think, in such moments? Does this destroy your day? Are you allow, that outside events have an impact on your attitude? Does, what happens in the world, even if it somehow includes you, means that you must feel bad? Is this what you believe? Why? Does it have to be like that? What can you do about that? Is there anything that you could do in that kind of situation?

Surely, there is a lot of possible solutions to such situations. You might carry your own research to find them. And you did carry on one already. How do I know? You get to this post. Maybe it was just an unexpected discovery when you were browsing on the web. Or maybe it was intentional finding to your research. Either way, there is a reason for you reading this post. You, unconsciously, we’re looking for an answer to your struggle. And here you are.

Ok, enough babbling. Let focus on the topic. You might think that your feelings and emotions depend on outside events. And this will be true in one case. When you will allow yourself to believe in that. But do you want to believe in this? Is this kind of belief, helping you in any way? Is it making feel you better? Does it arise positive emotions in you? Does it help you to become a better person? Look into your heart to find answers. I believe you have them in you and you know them already.

You just need to dive into yourself. Remove all obstacles and fears to uncover those answers. To find that, the true source, of how you feel was, is and always will be you. That, your way of thinking about yourself, is more powerful and important than anyone else opinion. So, how it gonna be? Will you still allow the outside world to impact you? Or, by your actions and your positive way of looking at yourself, and in result, at the outside events, you will reshape your surroundings?

Enjoy the new day you received as a gift from life. Like yourself as you are the most important person for yourself. It is you who will be with you all the time. You are a worthy, wise and amazing soul. Look at your life, see and enjoy the new experiences, adventures and challenges it may bring you. There is always something happening. Something changing and new things appears. This is the reason, you can have a great mood and attitude. And to look forward to a new beautiful day.

Blessings upon you, my friend.


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