Do the impossible.

Do the impossible.

Hello, Tribers. Would you like to be able to do things that look as impossible? Would like to know if that idea of yours is possible? Would you like to know how to turn the impossible into possible? Let’s dig in.

Is it possible to do impossible?

I am just guessing now, but most likely you have heard, in your life people telling you, that something is impossible to be done. And I am not saying about flying like a superman. I mean, how many times you have had an idea for something? So you went to your friend or family, to share this idea with them, all excited about it, just to hear that you are a dreamer. That this idea of yours is impossible to be done.

This kind of encounters, experiences create in your mind believes that you are nothing. That your ideas are no worthed. That you are just a dreamer, that should come down to earth and stop dreaming. That from your ideas will not come anything good. Even worst this belief undermines your self-worthiness and self-confidence.

But is your idea, really impossible, to be achieved? To be done? There is a saying that many times people think that something is impossible and then there comes someone who does not know about that belief and it just does the thing. Throughout history, we have many examples of this kind of situations. You might have heard about them too.

Examples like unbeatable hundred meters records. Like miraculous recoveries from horrible diseases or accidents. Like the creation of a machine heavier than air that flies. And many many others. For sure you can give a few more examples yourself. So, again, is your idea really so impossible, that can not be done? Do you still believe that this is true?

First, find why

If you started to considering, that maybe your idea might be accomplished. That maybe it is not so impossible at all. That you can do it after all. You are on the right track. But first of all, you need to find out a very important thing.  Your success, in accomplishing that task of yours, which, now, looks impossible depends on finding this thing.

These things are the answers. Answers to the following questions. Why is important for you to do this? Whatever it is that you have in mind. Is it just to prove someones wrong. Or maybe to prove to others your worthiness. Or maybe you want to outshine others. Show off a little bit. This might work, however, usually it does not. Even more, this approach might prevent you reach your goal.

The second answer to be found is for the following question. How important it is for you to achieve your goal? To make it real. Is it just – Yeah, I would like to do it. Would be nice to do it. I wish to do it. Or, rather it is a strong desire. One that wakes you up in the morning and motivates you to cross your comfort zone boundaries. One that pulls you toward. That makes you want to act.

What else you need to know

Ok, you found if it is a real and strong desire. You know that it might seem to others impossible. But you are certain you can do it. That you want to do it. You might be missing some knowledge, skills or other resources. But this desire of yours is so strong, that this little absence will not stop you. Rather it will motivate you to gain the necessary abilities. Or find some external help.

Now there, a question arises. How can you do the impossible? As we just stated if you are missing some knowledge, skill or resources, you might want to look for some external help. But the important thing is actually to start acting. Be willing to act. To do this “impossible” thing. And then just keep it going. Be persistent with your actions.

Every day go a little bit further. Do one more step toward your dream. Hold on a little bit longer. Push a tiny bit harder. Decide to listen to your heart and your desire. To get up every time you fail. Have strong faith, that you can and you will accomplish your plan. Be strong and persistent and do the impossible.


In this short time frame, together we explored, or rather remind ourselves, that throughout the years, there were always people, who did the impossible things. You learn that you need to have a strong “why”, the reason that will motivate and inspire you to follow the path to your “impossible” idea. You know, that it is ok, to not have all the necessary resources and to search for some support and supply outside. So now, Would you still do nothing or you reforge the impossible into I’m possible? The choice is yours.

In any case, you would like to know more or need some support, I would love to help you with this. Just drop me a message on the links provided below.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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