Do you want leftovers?

Do you want leftovers?

Would you like to go to the great restaurant and for your order, accept some leftovers? Why not? Silly question. Besides the hygiene and health concerns, there is also your personal expectations. So, why you are agreeing to get leftovers in life? Why you allow others to have that great life, great “meal”, and you accept leftovers?

Life has so much to offer you. You can have, do and be whoever you want to. Just a few things are required from you. Ask for that. Be specific, though, as much as possible. Believe you get what you ask. See that, feel with all your senses. Play a do-believe game. Trust that the Universe will provide you with everything you need to achieve your goal. Trust that it will lead you the best, for you, way to it. Is not so hard as you could think.

So, what is that you would love to have? What would be your dream job? How do you see yourself in your life? Who you are? What are you doing? What car do you drive? What house do you live in? Close your eyes and see those things. See as you go into your dream home and you walk around it. Feel how great it is to ride in your dream car. Start to play with those visualisations. Spend a few minutes on this every day. And open yourself, open your heart, for the signs and ideas that the Universe will provide you with.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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