Do yourself a favour and love yourself.

Do yourself a favour and love yourself.

How much you love yourself? You might, as most people, say that you love someone. You love your parents, kids, spouse. You might love animals and nature. Or your job. You might be in love with your car, phone, computer or house. You might say that at laud, without feeling any shame. You show your love by taking care of people or items you love. You are giving them gifts or other proofs of your feelings to them. You are always there for them, even if that’s not really noticed by them. You are doing everything for them, craving for a return of love and appreciation.

Though, when it comes to saying or showing your feelings to yourself, it is hard. Am I right? It is quite difficult, to show love to self, to allow yourself to properly take care of self. To give yourself what you deserve. To give yourself, a pat on the shoulder, when you do something right. To show yourself appreciation for every good doing, for any kind gesture or small achievements. To say to yourself at loud – I love you. To give yourself a hug. You, most likely, are expecting from yourself greater things, outstanding achievements, perfection in everything. You might be very severe for yourself, criticising and correcting yourself all the time. Wanting just to be noticed and praised by others.

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All this, addiction from love expressed by others and self-criticism, comes from your childhood and misunderstanding of one, very important truth. No matter how thought you will be to yourself. No matter how much warm feelings someone will show you. This all will not count, if you will not start to, truly, love yourself and show that love. This simple truth is often omitted and forgotten by you. Though, if you will start to show yourself love, and appreciate every little victory, this will change your life. It will change your whole world. You will start to experience amazing things. Sometimes, unexpected, yet very pleasant encounters.

Cause, honestly. what this whole criticism and being harsh to self gives you? Is there any gain for you in this? Look into your heart for an answer to those questions. And now when you have it, I dare you to start loving yourself. To start saying that at laud, looking into the mirror. Look at yourself and say to yourself – I love you. And then show that. Give yourself a hug. Take yourself for a walk. Buy yourself a favourite beverage. Appreciate any little victory, any small step forward, any tiny progress, you have made. Love yourself for every doubt and questioning of the so-known “truths” and attempts to understand them and find your own paths. Love and show that love to yourself for simply being here, being yourself.

Blessings upon you my friend.


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