Don’t be afraid to be great

Don’t be afraid to be great

Would you like to be a great inventor? Or a great speaker? Or writer? Or whoever is your dream to be? What means to be great and how can you become a great person? If you are curious, I am encouraging you to read the rest of this material.

What is greatness?

Throughout years of your life, I am certain, that you have heard about some people to be called great. Maybe it was someone from human history like King Solomon, the wisest person on earth. The astonishing Queen Cleopatra. Wiliam Shakespeare great writer. Or from some closest times, the great physicist Albert Einstein. Isaack Newton amazing mathematician and physicist. Abraham Lincoln President of USA. And many, many more.

Perhaps it is someone from your surroundings that in your opinion is a great person. Maybe one of your parents, siblings or other relatives. Maybe it is your friend who can do things others rarely are able to. Maybe it is your teacher who is not only knowledgeable but also has an amazing personality and can share that knowledge with ease with every student. Again, you can give here millions of examples of amazing, for you, people.

Nevertheless, the point is, that for sure you have some meaning of yours about who was, is, a great person. You have your own meaning of that term. Maybe it is someone who made a lot of good for the world. Maybe just for its closest community. And that is very good. If you would like to share it in the comments, I will gladly read that, to find out more about great people. As well as about what is your definition of being great. Thou…

Are you meant to be great?

Now, this is the question for you. What do you think? Can you be a great person? In general or in a particular domain? Can you be great at doing something for the whole world, environment, society? Or maybe you just want to be great for your community or kids? And this is also fine. No one can tell you that you can not choose to be great just to your close circle. This is your decision.

Yet again, can you? Were you meant to be great? If you wonder about the answer, let me ask you another question. Actually a set of questions that will help you. Take pen and paper and write down your answers. For your references. In your opinion how hard is it to be great? On the scale from one to ten, where one is the easy-peasy and ten incredibly hard, close to impossible. How would you mark this? And why? What, in your opinion makes that task, being a great person, no matter the scale, so hard or easy?

What if I told you that you are a great person. Sure. I don’t know you, so what can I tell, right? However, despite the fact I do not know you personally, I know that. And I can assure you, that you are a great and astounding person. You might not yet discover that. Nevertheless, you are amazing just because you are here. Now, from you depends, if you will search and find that greatness in you. From you depends, if you will like to show that greatness to the world. Your decisions and actions will determine that.

How can you achieve greatness?

What would have to happen so you could be a great person? What kind of characteristics you would need to possess? What skills, knowledge do you need to obtain? Considering that you know the answers to those questions. So you know what you need. How willing you are to do the work, to achieve greatness? And now, the most important question. Why, would you like to be great? To show up your greatness?

If you would be able to make it easier for you. Make it more achievable. What would you do? What kind of actions, do you need to take, to become great? What do you think? If those actions are overwhelming you now, how can you divide them into easier to perform chunks? What else you can do? Who can help you with those tasks? Where can you find the required knowledge? Can you learn the necessary skills yourself or do you need someone who can help you with this?

Some of the helpful things you could do consist of using models. Follow examples of great people you know from now or past. Before making any choice ask yourself what this person would do in such a moment. Another thing, that might be helpful on your path to greatness, is to have, in your mind, an image of you as a great person and before every action, decision compares it with how would that person act. Then act accordingly to your answer.


Summing up, we just talk briefly about some definitions of greatness. I hope you realise that you are great and you are meant to be great, no matter the scale. We also discuss, what you can do on your way to that goal. In any case, you would like to know more or need some support, I would love to help you with this. Just drop me a message in the comment section.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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