Don’t follow the wrong things

Don’t follow the wrong things

I have heard great sentence today, by Les Brown.

It goes like that

  • When things go wrong, don’t go with them

When you decide to do something. When you are doing everything that is in your power to accomplish your goal. When you committing to the thing with all your heart and soul. Life might have a little surprise for you. 

 There are sometimes situations, circumstances you have no power to change. Or at least it looks this way. The only thing you have in your head, in such moments, is to just sit down. Give up. 

 Don’t. Don’t go after or with these things that go wrong.

You still alife. You still have your imagination. Use it. Find a way around that issue. For sure there is something you still can do.

 If you can’t find it straight away. That’s fine. Give yourself some time. Go for a walk. Get your mind busy with something else. The answer is already in you. It just needs some time and encouragement to emerge from within you.

 Remember, as long as you breathe, you are in power to change these unfortunate events. To adjust your plans to satisfy this change in circumstances.

    So relax and be patient. Don’t press on yourself too hard. When you will treat yourself a bit like a little child. You find out that the answer will come to you quicker. Moreover, you might be surprised how easy this solution could be.


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