Don’t you quit

Don’t you quit

 When lives throw something unpredictable at you, some peoples first reaction is to give up. The first thing coming into mind is to quit. That this is pointless, useless, not worth the whole hassle.

 I want to say to you. Mark my words. It is worth it. It is worth to follow your dreams

 No matter, the hard time’s life gives you. No matter the obstacles you have to overcome.

 It might take you twice time longer than you’ve planned. You might have to repeat the thing over and over. 

 You might not have the necessary resources, money, health to proceed with your plan as fast as you would wish. 

 This, all no matter. Those are just excuses. To justify your quitting decision.

 And I am telling you. Stop. Don’t you quit. Don’t you give up on your dream. Follow it. Make it come true. You are making the difference.

  And that what really matters. 

In those, though moments ask yourself, how can I overcome that? What, I can do, to master this problem? What lesson, I can take from that?

 But most important of all. Remember. Don’t you quit. Follow your dreams.


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