Eat the elephant.

Eat the elephant.

When it comes to a big change in your life. Or at least you are thinking that this is a big change for you. You might be so scared, anxious to start to implement that change in your life, that you most likely will do nothing about it. It will be hanging over your head, making you even more anxious and stressed.

Because you know you should do it, You know that this needs to be done. But you are afraid of the size of that undertaking. It is like in that riddle about eating an elephant. How can you eat the elephant? Piece by piece, over a longer period of the time.

Do the same with your projects. The huge commitments. Massive undertakings. Split them into small steps. Decide how much time you need to complete that step. And then just follow your plan. Eat that elephant.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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