Enjoy the little, simple things.

Enjoy the little, simple things.

You might, like a lot of people, want to discover something great and memorable. Something that will make the world better and that makes you unforgettable. Something that will stay, for humanity good, after you passed away. And surely you can do such a thing. Everything is possible if you want it strong enough. If you have a clear vision and a plan of how to get to it. When you believe in your abilities. And trust the universe, that it will help you to achieve your goal.

Though, let be honest, that kind of events happen not so often. It is similar to getting the right numbers for the lotto draw. It is possible, yes. But the chances are, let’s face it, small. Do not stop though in your plans. Try with all your heart and strength to achieve your goal. Still do everything necessary to achieve your great goal. I just want to point you out one thing. Moving forward with your plans toward your goal, remember to see the little things on your path. Those are the ones that actually create a life of every living person, you included.

Be watchful, see the small things around you. Enjoy the events that happen here and now. Get all the happiness from those little beautiful things that you can see and experience. Carefully observe your surroundings and search for those moments. This can be a little robin jumping close to you when you are enjoying the rest at the park. It might be the first rays of the sunrise in the morning. A taste of your favourite beverage. Or a smell of some flowers or perfumes.

It might be literally everything that, when you see it or experience it in another way, makes you smile. Makes you feel inner peace and alignment with the universe and yourself. Write those moments, those pictures, sounds, smells, in your memory in your soul. This way, you can recall them whenever you need them. Those tiny, simple crumbs of happiness, create the true worthiness of the reality you are in. So, now, little exercise at the end. Take a pen and paper. And write down on it three things, that you see in your surroundings that make you smile and feel good when you see, smell, touch or hear them.

Blessings upon you, my friend.


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