Enjoy your work.

Enjoy your work.

In your life, you were taught how to do your job. Your brain code that if at the end of the day you are not feeling exhausted and drained you were doing nothing. Your brain is telling you that you were lazy, not productive and so on.

That why is so hard for you, as well as for many other people, to have a day off. And even if you have a day when you relax, you feel guilty at the end. Am I right?

But what if you could work doing something that makes you happy and relaxed and at the same time, very effective? It is impossible – you might say, and you absolutely right.

If you say that something is impossible or possible, you are right in both situations. To this kind of effortless, relaxed work be possible first, you need to believe it is. You need to work with the flow of the universe. It is showing you, giving you suggestions, what is that thing of yours.

You have for sure that kind of sensations when you think about something that makes you happy. But here comes your brain telling you – no, no, you can not do that. It is not the way you were taught. At this moment, most likely you overlook that thing and go back to the way your brain is suggesting.

If you do not want that any more. If you want, to finally work and enjoy doing it, listen to the universe and your heart. Follow it and even if your brain will tell you it is not the right way, it is hard or impossible. Follow your heart, and you will see how actually easy, effortless and worthy your work will be.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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