Exercise for your subconscious

Exercise for your subconscious

I found for yous another exercise from “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. On thesecret.tv website, when you scroll to the bottom you can find a link to the how they called it Magic check. Just print a few copies of it. Fill it up with the amount of money You want to receive when you want to receive it, and your name.

Now, place these checks everywhere where you would see them often. On the mirror, on your fridge, in your car, at your desk, on your tv frame, or any other place. Most important is to have it in such a place so you can easily see it and you visit it frequently.
And now, whenever you see that check, play a little game, pretend you really get this check. Think of all the things you can buy for that money. I’ve said about things you can buy, cause, maybe you, like myself, have a little issue to imagine big sums of money. Imagining the things I can buy, no matter the price is easier. I found, that this trick is helping me. Feel free to try it for yourself and hopefully it will serve you as well.

This little game will help you infiltrate your subconscious with the feeling of abundance. The same principle you can use with anything you would love to have. You may create a so-called dream board. On it, you can place anything you want. Then just keep it in a place where you will see it as often as you can. And every time you look at it feel the gratitude, joy, blessings as if you already own those things.
This way you instruct your subconscious and the universe that those are the things you dream of. And your subconscious together with the universe will show you the way how to get them and they support you so you will have them.


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