Failure, part of life.

Failure, part of life.

There is so much said about failures. You wish not to fail. You might think that this is no good when you make a mistake. In your opinion, failing might be very bad. You might think that making a mistake is unforgivable. That, this crosses out you as a human, cancels out all your virtues and makes you worthless.

This kind of thinking increases the level of stress and fear. In a result, that makes you less focused on the task. The consequence of that, is you make more mistakes. One crazy circle, don’t you think? What is the solution to this kind of thinking?

Accept that you might fail and this is ok. That, this way you learn. Yes, it is not pleasant, it might be painful and shameful. But sometimes, it is the only way to understand something. Changing your way of thinking about failure, will make you more relaxed. You will attend to your tasks with a more humorous, comfortable attitude. This way, you will make fewer errors.

Give yourself a right to make mistakes. Believe in your heart that no one is perfect. Understand that failure and defeat are a natural part of reality, of life, of the learning process. This way you will achieve peace, balance and strength for any task that is ahead of you. So, be grateful for that lesson and experience, draw a conclusion, cheer up and go back to the game.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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