Fall in love with life.

Fall in love with life.

I am inviting you to fall in love with your life. Otherwise, who will you be without life? Will anything matter without it? Will your eyes colour, way how your hairs are or that you have freckles? Will this and more matter, if you will not have this greatest gift of all? You have got that for free. And this is the most amazing thing in the whole world.

Without that gift, you would not exist. You would not be able to enjoy your favourite food and drink. You could not enjoy the view of the green forest, yellow beach, blue sky, azure sea. You would not smell the roses, you could not feel the breeze on your face. You could not feel the love, bliss and joy.

And you can do and experience all of that because of the life you have. How your attraction to the little defects, obstacles and troubles, you might have, look from this perspective? You have got great abilities to see, smell, taste, feel. To understand and draw conclusions. And to adjust your way of thinking and acting, to become a better person.

I am encouraging you to look at all the great gifts and abilities you have because you are alive. Look at them with a new understanding. With a feeling of gratefulness and gratitude. Be thankful for all you have got with your life, as this makes you the person you are. Not perfect, but one in a kind. True, real, laughing, happy and alive. Remember this simple truth and fall in love with your life.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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