False beliefs.

False beliefs.

Do you have an opinion about anything or anyone? For example, maybe you were hearing a lot of jokes about mothers-in-law. And now you subconsciously look at your mother-in-law, through those jokes. No matter that she is a great and lovely person.

Or maybe you were hearing a lot of jokes about blondies. And now every person with blond hair is, in your opinion stupid, brainless and so on. You judge this person even without knowing him or her. This kind of opinion just pops up whenever you see a blond-haired person.

You might have many other opinions that are displayed in your head triggered by some situations. No matter that mostly those beliefs are false. They just were imprinted in you. And now your subconscious automatically gives them to you in the right, in its opinion, circumstances.

Because of those assumptions, you might lose great opportunities to meet and befriend great people. They might and most likely, do, also damage your relationships, with your partner, family members, friends and co-workers. Moreover, they do corrupt your relationship with yourself.

When you hold into the beliefs, that you are unworthy, dumb, ugly or whatever else. You straight away, behave as that belief is stating. No matter that you are not such a person. This belief, as I say, is damaging your relationships, blocking you from achieving your goals and successes.

Is that what you want? What can you do? How you can release yourself from those false beliefs? It is actually simple. When you recognise one of those beliefs, think if you want to still believe in it. And then analyse what kind of assumption you would like to have in its place. Lastly, repeat that new opinion often to fix it in your memory.

Be positive. Be blessed. Peace out.


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