Fear, your greatest enemy.

Fear, your greatest enemy.

Let’s talk about fear. We all fear different things. Napoleon Hill, in his book “Think and grow rich“, list six basic fears, that company man through his life. Those are fear:

  • of poverty
  • of criticism
  • ill health
  • loss of love
  • old age
  • death

All other fears, you might think of, can be grouped under one of these categories. You might suffer from one, two or all of them.

Fear is your greatest enemy. It might paralyze you. Prevent you from moving forward.

The worst bit is that those fears can be hidden so deeply, that you even might not know that you feel them. Until something triggers them. And even in those moments, they will be pushing out other feelings, reactions to not be disclosed.

To overcome your fears, firstly understand that fear is just a state of mind. And this is the one thing you are in power to control. You can release yourself from fears by action

Start to think positive thoughts. Empowering ones. Close your mind for thought impulses from the outside world. Select only those that build you up. Strengthen you. Gives you motivation and makes you feel great. 

Look for speeches, books, videos that will inspire you. Motivate you. Gives you positive feelings. Fill you up with energy, love and “I can do” attitude.

And finally, start doing. Move forward to your goal. Your new, better life.


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