Feedback – do you actually need it?

Feedback – do you actually need it?

No one like to hear, that it is doing something wrong. No one like to be judged or criticise, right? Though there is a thing, that is important for everyone, who wants to improve. It is called feedback. If you wish to enhance your life and become better in any area of it, you might want to consider getting some feedback from others. It might be sometimes difficult to listen to this. You might have a thought in your head – why should I listen to someone? Why should I want to change anything? I am good. I do not need to listen to anyone opinion. Nor change anything in my life. I understand that. It might be a tough thing, to admit that you need to change something. And that you need some outside help, to see where you need to improve.

However, from time to time, in your life, you might feel, as you stuck. Especially, if you starting a new thing. You might do some research about the thing. You thought about it and about the implementation of it in your life. You find how to start guide. You perform these first steps. Though, as this is something new for you, you are not sure if you heading in the right direction. You might wonder if you are doing things right, particularly if there is no visible output from your actions. But yet, you are either afraid to be criticised. Or you might be too proud to search for some external information about your process. And this is completely understandable.

However, it is important to get feedback. Not any feedback, but one that will really show you the areas you can improve. Getting such kind of information is an important thing. It will allow you to, either be assured, that you are heading in the right direction. Or will help you to make corrections to your course. Good feedback, even if it will not be at first nice to be heard, will, in the end, makes you grow and helps you realise what needs to be done. So, in general, you should look out for feedback, on how can you become better. A better person, parent, partner, leader, team member. But choose wisely from who you get your data.

Unfortunately, not every piece of information will be good for you. Not every person can give you good feedback. Be open though to it, to listen to things, that might not be the ones, you desire to hear. Search for it, asking persons you trust, that they will look at your progress, looking for the areas that might be improved. Not the ones they tell you they feel bad about your actions. Explain, that you try to identify the spots you might oversee. Sometimes, the feedback might not be easy to agree with. Good feedback, will not try to convince you of someone’s way of doing things. It will try to expand your perspective on the thing you are trying to do. It will be about your progression or eventual corrections to your plan. Look at it, take a note of it, think about it, consider if it is helpful and make a decision yourself, if you will use it.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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