Feeling the feelings.

Feeling the feelings.

How deep you hide your feelings? How many of them did you push deep into your rib cage? How much you are afraid of your own feelings and emotions? How much you dislike them or you are ashamed that you have some of them? How much you avoid all of your emotions? You might hide just, so-called, negative ones. Though, often happens, that you might hide all feelings and emotions you have. But is that good for you? Is that good for your mental and physical health? What effect it has on you? Is there a way to do something about that? How feelings can improve your life? Can they? What can you do to improve your life?

Our world propagates the way of mind. The way of measuring, testing, generating statistics for everything. Using only your logical part of the brain. You were most likely thaught that having feelings is bad. Showing them is even worst. For example, when a child starts to yell or cry in public, parents usually feel ashamed and confused, sometimes angry, and try to calm him down. Without actually trying to talk to it, to tell it that, sometimes it is ok to feel this way. Explain it, how to properly express that kind of feelings and emotions. They weren’t thaught that either, I get that, I wasn’t. I did not know how to safely express my feelings and emotions until my late 30’s. So I know how that is, when you stash your feelings deep in your chest, praying so they would never surface.

Though this way is not really effective. It leads to feeling even more negative emotions. It creates resistance, stress and tension in your whole body. I know, that it might be hard for you to believe in this, but it is proven, that most of the pains and sicknesses are the effect of hiding your feelings. Blocking your emotions, stashing them, pushing them down your chest in concrete shoes. This leads to living in stress. And, I’m just guessing now, but You have enough stressful encounters in life, yet you are adding one more. Fear of feeling your feelings, and fear of feelings jailbreak. Yes, stashing them is just a temporary solution. They will burst out in the less expected moment. Usually, with so devastating power that you and all witnesses will end up in deep shock.

So what can you do? I believe you know the answer. You have it in you already. Yet you might be afraid of it and of what needs to be done, and that’s ok, you have the right to feel this way. Yes, you right. You need to allow yourself to feel. To contact with your inside and feel all of the feelings you were hiding there. Allow yourself to feel all anger, frustration, shame, disappointment, hate, envy and any other emotion you hide. Look at them. Understand that you are a human, you just feel them, not that you are them. Feeling them does not mean that you are a bad person. Clear up your life by safely release them, freeing yourself from them. As an effect of that cleansing, you will start to feel better, calmer. And more good feelings, events and other things will start to appear in your life. Your life will become richer, greater and more joyful.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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