Find a positive thought and hold to it.

Find a positive thought and hold to it.

What good happen to you, recently? What nice and positive, did you get from life? What is the best memory you have? Name at least one thing. See. This is your first happy thought. From this point on, you might have more of them. The thing is, that, our negative feelings, such as sadness, anger, anxiety, are not from lack of reason to feel happy. Those feelings are from your forgetting to see and focus on the positivity.

So, how can you remind yourself about that? Simply. Whenever you feel low, just think about some happy memory from the past. Let it into your heart, not only mind. Allow yourself to feel as many emotions connected to it, as possible. Think about all the aspects that are connected to that memory. Maybe some smells, or view, or texture of something. The more you remind yourself, the better. It will make the connection with your feelings easier and more stimulating.

And what if you do not have that kind of memories? Or you can’t think about any at this moment? Well, in such a situation, just look around you, and think about three things, that makes you smile. For sure you can find something in your surroundings. Thing is how are you look at them. I understand that in some gloomy days, it might be hard. But it all depends on you. Do you want to feel so bad? Is that something you like?

Or maybe you will stand up and say loud – “Enough. I am gonna be happy. I am happy. I will find at least three things that make me feel better.” It might be something simple. A colourful flower in a pot. A bird, singing its song behind your window. A piece of cake, on your plate. A magnificent painting or statue you have in your collection. Or pictures of your close ones. That can be anything at all. Just look around, with an open mind and a positive attitude.

This is true that you might hit the wall. That some obstacle is blocking your way. Or even your view of your goal. And this is, a completely normal thing, in life. But be sure that all of those obstructions are just temporary. A brief test, of your life skills and abilities. So whenever that happens, take the deepest breath you can and slowly release the air from your lungs. Gather your happy memories of beautiful, good and positive things and situations, and go. Enjoy your new day. Enjoy your life.

Blessings upon you, my friend.


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