Finding your own path.

Finding your own path.

In your life, usually starting from your childhood, you were taught, trained to follow specific rules. To respect particular traditions and customs, depending on your relative’s beliefs, the country you were born, and some other aspects. Young people try to protest sometimes and lead a rebellion against those laws. At least this is the way, their behaviour is perceived by adults from their circles. Maybe you are in a similar situation. That you are following some rules, not really believing in them. Not really agreeing with them.

The whole thing creates in you, resistance and, whats follow, stress and anxiety. You might have thought that you do not want to do these things, your parents telling you. That their way is, not really the way, you prefer, and you would like to go with. On the other hand, your brain might produce thoughts that, those are your parents, adults. For sure they know what they do and what they try to teach you. They know what is best for you. Secondly, because of the relation between you and them, you do not want to disappoint them. And so you have a huge conflict in you. A battle of thoughts and feelings.

This isn’t a good thing. You do not like it, right? No one like to feel this way. To fight with your own self. But this comes from not understanding that you do not have to battle with that. And you do not have to protest and rebel. The thing is, that you can decide for yourself what way you want to choose to follow. Next step, is to sit with your close ones and explain to them, politely and peacefully, that you do not rebel. That you respect their rules and traditions, but you want to find your own path.

You have the right to choose your way of living. You have the right and privilege to decide, for your own. To choose the paths that, from your point of view, are the best for you. You might need to make some adjustments. Search for better ways or solutions. Seek advice. You might even make mistakes, but each of them is a priceless lesson for you. You might choose ways never taken by anyone in your family. This is your right, this is your life, and you are responsible for it.

It is not about disobedience to the laws and traditions. It is about finding your own path through life. You are free from the patterns of your family and environment. You do not need to repeat them. You have the freedom to decide for yourself. Follow your heart, ask it often which way is the best for you. Listen to your intuition. Be brave to go into unknown. Create your life. Believe in yourself and Higher Instance, Power, Universe, God, that it will lead you, the best for you way, to happiness and fulfilment.

Blessings upon you, my friend.


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