Fixed or growth, what is your mindset?

Fixed or growth, what is your mindset?

How are you think about yourself? About your skills, knowledge, abilities? Do you hold a belief, that finishing school and having some mindset imprinted by it, and by your environment, is the end of your education? Do you believe that your talents, wisdom and other abilities are inborn, and set in stone? Do you avoid any difficult tasks, as you are afraid, that you will fail and someone will point out, your lack of abilities? Well, this is quite a common belief and behaviour. It is called a fixed mindset. And a lot of people hold to it, not realising, that it is not true, and actually harming for them.

However, there is another group of people who understand that their skills and knowledge is flexible. That they can improve their abilities, gain knowledge, learn new skills over time. Those people love new challenges. Do not worry about failing as they see them as an opportunity to learn. This group is eager to try new things and they actively look for chances to experience new stuff. To learn. To growth. This group shows greater self-esteem and enjoy more their lives, as they have better outcomes in it.

Luckily, this group starts to grow and, recently a lot of people, shifts their minds into that direction. Now, what about you? Do you still want to hold to the fixed faiths and stay stagnant? Do you prefer to still watch, from aside, other people lives and, be honest, envy them? Or rather, would you like to join this group, to enjoy your life even better? To have new amazing experiences and opportunities in life? To improve your life and achieve a better lifestyle? I believe that you want to have a better life, and you are ready to join that growth club.

So, what can you do to join this group? What would be the steps, that you can follow, to shift your mindset to this state? First of all, you need to acknowledge that your mindset is a fixed one, by checking the following things. If you can not do something, are you convincing yourself, that you are not good at that task? If you see someone succeeding, do you explaining that by his natural gifts? If you fail, even giving your best shot, are you worry that you got exposed as no good enough or at all? Well, “YES” answers, show that you have a fixed mindset. So let think what can you do to change that state.

When you find out that something is hard for you plus demands more time and effort, just remind yourself that it does not mean you are not worthy or not good. Instead, look at this as an opportunity to learn and upskill. Search for challenges that will encourage your desire to discover and grow. Look for opportunities to practice new skills, to improve them and, at the same time, yourself. Start tasks helping you train your perseverance and ability to learn from your mistakes. Focus more on the effort you put, on the whole process, less on the outcome. Lastly decide, when you are going to start, set a date, and then just start.

Blessings upon you my friend.


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