Focus on positivity.

Focus on positivity.

In our world and times, there is so much hate and fear around, that it just is overwhelming. The whole world gets crazy about controlling, they say a virus, but I am not so sure about. I will not go into all conspiracy theories people invent about all whats going on. I have already heard too many of them. Every next one more and more ridiculous. I am not saying that I am expert in this and I know better what is going on. I just want to remind you all to stop focusing on the bad thing, as this way we just strengthen it.

There are proves from the history that when the big plague hit the world, there were towns not affected by it. How they manage to do that? From the history books and articles about that, it says that the authorities ask citizens to focus on the day to day tasks. Live, as usual, concentrating on what is important and what makes them busy and happy. Those cities had fewer, to non, cases. It is not known if the authorities consciously or not used the law of attraction, but that what actually happen.

Focusing on positivity and tasks ahead, they were busy and attract more positivity, into their cities. This is the universal truth. Where is your focus, this you attract more into your life. So focus on positivity, on happiness and make yourself busy with this to attract more of good things into your life. This method can be applied in every difficult situation, in any circumstances. It is the universal law of attraction.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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