Four ways to let go. p1

Four ways to let go. p1

Many times when someone says something about you. Express his opinion about you, your style, your behaviour, your car or anything else what is yours. You may have a tendency to hold to that opinion and make it your own. Your definition of you.

It is ok if this comment is positive. However, I know examples of very good people, whom, by someone’s negative judgement, by believing in it, by taking it as the truth about them and hold to it. Became sad, depressed, discouraged. They start to keep away from people. Hide in their shell. And, what’s most sad, they start to behave the way they were judged.

If you one of that kind of people. I want to show you today one from four ways how to let go of that. These techniques can be used also for realising worries about being sick, having financial or relationship issues, and any other negativity that you may struggle.

The first step to let go is to actually check your mental backpack and make a decision about what things, hold you down. What are the things that stop you and make you feel bad? Maybe it is something in your past or maybe it is something about your future. Find that thing. And then throw it away.

You can do this by allowing somebody to convince you that you can do this. That this is good for you, and you are innocent and okay doing that or by simple exercise. Just go on the river, find some rock, write on it the name of the thing and throw it away. Let it sink. Disappear. It is that simple.


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