Four ways to let go. p2

Four ways to let go. p2

Today I will tell you about the next method to let go. In the previous post, I was saying to let go all worries about your past and future. Today, we focus on the complaining mind. We all have it. We just love to complain. Some more than others, but we all do that.

We love to complain about the weather. O, is too hot, is too cold or is raining. We often complain about our neighbours. They to noisy. Or maybe they messy. Or their kids are too loud, maybe rude. Their dog barks all the time. There are many, many things, on the list, people like to complain about. Other examples, could be, your partner, government, taxes, or very popular now COVID-19 rules we need to obey.

Now, ask yourself. Can I do something about that? Can I change anything? If you answer yes. Do that. Stop complaining and just do what is in your power to change that what you dislike. However, in most of the examples from above, you won’t be able to change anything. I mean legally. Dogs will bark. Kids will be laud. Taxes have to be paid.

So your complaining will not actually change anything. And when you check that with yourself, with your inner-self. When you dig for the answer deep in you, in your emotions. Complaining will not really make you feel better, as you may say. Therefore, the next method is to let go of that complaining mind. Do this and see how much better you will really feel.


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